De Bruyne Criticizes New Injury Time Rules in Premier League

Premier League star Kevin De Bruyne has voiced concerns about the upcoming season's newly introduced injury time rules. The Football Association (FA) plans to implement a similar injury time format as seen in last year's World Cup, aiming to compensate for the time wasted during matches due to VAR checks, incidents, celebrations, and time-wasting tactics.

De Bruyne said, "The assumption now is that our playing time will increase by 15 minutes per match; that's how it is. We've also spoken with Arsenal players and even referees. They don't want to do it either, but these are the new rules, and whether we like it or not, we have to follow them."

The Belgian midfielder elaborated on the potential consequences of facing lower-tier teams notorious for time-wasting. "Just imagine facing a bottom-tier team that often engages in time-wasting. If we play against Sevilla on Wednesday and get a 15-20 minute injury time, then have a home game against Newcastle on Saturday, it's like having two extra time halves. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out, but it's nonsensical," De Bruyne shared.

These concerns were shared in an interview with Daily Mail, where De Bruyne's views shed light on the possible impacts of the new regulations on the flow and dynamics of matches. As the Premier League approaches the new season, players, fans, and experts await how this change will affect the game they know and love.