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Controversial Penalty Decision Knocks Club America Out of Leagues Cup

A surprising turn occurred in the Leagues Cup, as Mexican team Club America faced an unexpected exit following a disputed penalty call. The team was initially celebrating a victory, believing they had secured a spot in the quarterfinals. However, the joyous moment became confusing when the referee intervened, citing a need for a penalty retake.

The incident revolved around a penalty kick initially securing Club America's advancement. The team's goalkeeper, Luis Malagon, was deemed to have stepped off his line during the penalty, a detail brought to light through the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system. This unexpected turn prompted the referee, Selvin Brown from Honduras, to halt the celebrations and order a retake of the penalty.

The match resumed despite the chaotic scene that unfolded – with fans flooding the field and Nashville SC players making their way to the locker room. In an extraordinary turn of events, Nashville's Jack Maher successfully converted the retaken penalty, leading to a nail-biting seventh round of corrections. The tension remained palpable as Jonathan Dos Santos hit the crossbar, only for Daniel Lovitz to seal Club America's fate with a decisive goal ultimately.

Earlier in the game, Club America displayed resilience by making a comeback after being behind in the second half. A header from Jordan Zimmerman initially put them at a disadvantage, but they managed to equalize thanks to goals by Diego Valdes and Julian Quiñones from penalty kicks.

The MLS side also had its moment to shine, with Sam Surridge emerging as the hero. During added time, he capitalized on a cross from Hany Mukhtar, securing the win for Nashville SC in a dramatic finale.

In another unexpected outcome on the same day, Toluca, another team from Liga MX, faced elimination in a penalty shootout against Minnesota United. Despite Toluca's efforts to stage a comeback, they could not secure a victory and were consequently ousted from the tournament.

As a result of these events, Minnesota United is set to face off against Nashville SC in the upcoming quarterfinal match on Saturday, August 11th, at 5:30 p.m. The game will take place at Allianz Field in Minnesota and promises to be a thrilling encounter between two determined teams."