Bryce James is transferring from Sierra Canyon to Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. (Associated Press/Gregory Payan)

Bryce James to Join Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High Basketball Team

Bryce James, the second son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, is set to join the Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High basketball team for the upcoming season.

Coach Matt Sargeant confirmed that James participated in Wednesday's first practice with the Knights.

After considering attending Campbell Hall following his departure from Sierra Canyon, James opted to join Notre Dame, where he had been observed touring the campus and watching workouts recently.

Bryce James, who stands at 6-foot-6, will become a junior at Notre Dame and play alongside Mercy Miller, rapper Master P's son, on the team.

Notably, James shares a close friendship with Angelino Mark, a guard for Notre Dame.

Bryce James had previously practised twice with Campbell Hall and competed with the Vikings in an Arizona tournament in June.

David Grace, the coach of Campbell Hall, extended his good wishes to James and described him as a remarkable individual.

To become eligible under CIF transfer regulations, James might need to change his residence; otherwise, he would have to observe a sit-out period and become qualified on December 24th.