Arda Guler, despite being pursued by Barcelona, chooses to join Real Madrid

Arda Guler is said to have chosen Real Madrid over Barcelona this summer despite offers from both clubs. Guler, 18, has been called the 'Turkish Messi' after excelling with Fenerbahce and declining a transfer to Camp Nou to join Carlo Ancelotti's side.\n

According to The Athletic, Guler has chosen Los Blancos. Guler as 18-year-old midfielder's contract with Fenerbahce extends through 2025 with €17.5 million release clause.\n

However, Real Madrid's bid must surpass the release clause for this transaction to occur. Furthermore, Fenerbahce has added a 20% resale provision in the deal.\n

The kid is anticipated to join Ancelotti's squad for pre-season, but he will only be able to once discussions are legally closed and the agreement is confirmed which is scheduled to occur next week.\n

Guler's decision to join Real Madrid generated headlines all around the world. Guler decided to join for Ancelotti, a well-known manager with a proven track record, despite being with Barcelona.\n

If Guler joins Real Madrid, he will be able to participate at a better level and in more prominent events. In the coming season, Los Blancos will profit greatly from his presence on the field.\n

Guler's departure is a significant income for Fenerbahce.\n

The club will benefit financially from this transaction as well, as Guler has a sell-back clause that would pay them a portion of his earnings if he is transferred again.\n

Football enthusiasts will highly anticipate Arda Guler's performance for Real Madrid. Hopefully, he can establish his value as the 'Turkish Messi' and help his new team succeed.\n